The Old Dairy at Baerami


Grove Management


Since 2001 we have managed the grove based on traditional, healthy, organic farming principles without use of artificial or synthetic fertilisers or pesticides.

Trees were planted on an open hillside with plenty of space between them, to allow for excellent airflow and good penetration of sunlight throughout the grove. Humidity has been kept at bay – and we think that this is why our trees have remained healthy and have resisted a lot of the fungal diseases which can plague olives in other areas.

The olives are situated in an old cattle grazing paddock, which has only ever been covered in native pasture. This same pasture continues to grow between the rows of olives. We provide nutrients to the soil through regularly mowing this pasture - creating a layer of mulch which improves the overall soil structure as it breaks down. In years to come as the trees mature and become stronger, we plan to introduce fat lambs to graze around the trees. Not only will they be able to efficiently and successfully keep the weeds down, but they will also add excellent organic matter to the soil in the form of manure.

We only irrigate when rain fails to provide what the trees need, and the water we use for irrigation is sourced directly from the crystal clear waters of the Goulburn River and pumped to tiny sprinklers at the base of each tree.



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